A great way for young people to perform in a friendly environment

Making music together is one of the best things about playing a musical instrument and that is what Salisbury Area Young Musicians (SAYM) is all about. We offer a fantastic array of musical opportunities with a range of groups, bands and ensembles for young musicians from 4 – 19 whatever your level of skill or attainment.

Our groups meet weekly during term time for rehearsals and give regular concerts throughout the year. We also have a range of ‘one-off’ musical events for you to enjoy too. At SAYM the emphasis is on enjoyment in music making as much as achievement. Come along and join in!

‘I just wanted to say how fantastic the concert was on Saturday evening. The venue was great and the children were all amazing’.
A donation of £1.50 a month would buy a music stand
‘Thank you for all your hard work and dedication that continues to make SAYM a fabulous resource for local children’.
A donation of £2.00 a month would pay for a clarinet reed.
‘Thank you again for being such a fantastic organisation’.
A donation of £5 a month would buy a triangle
‘It was a privilege to hear so many talented young musicians playing with such commitment and passion and they gave huge enjoyment to their audience’.
A donation of £6 a month would allow us to service one of our timpani
‘They are fortunate indeed to be led by such a dedicated and professional team’.
A donation of £10 per month would be a valuable contribution to our room hire costs of £23,000 per year
‘…a huge thank you to the SAYM team for being genuinely inclusive’
A donation of £560 would buy a new glockenspiel!
‘He has loved every moment of his time with SAYM as he has progressed through the groups’

What's On

Autumn 2021

Clarinet Starter Group