Our recorder groups play a wide range of popular, fun pieces which use four of the six types of recorders and all players can try the larger ones as they become more confident. If you meet the below criteria, please come along for a trial session.

SAYM Recorders need to be able to play GABCD confidently and clearly for at least one full school term or have participated in a whole class recorder group at school for a term, but it is not necessary to read music as they can learn as they go. 

Advanced Recorders need to be able to play at least one octave on the recorder and read music at approximately grade 2 on any instrument (not necessarily the recorder).  If they can play recorder well but read music at a less advanced level or if they are a grade 1 woodwind player they need to contact SAYM before they join.

Name Standard Conductor/Leader Day/Time Venue
Advanced Recorders Senior Jenny Ridley Saturday 09.30 – 10:00 St Edmund’s School
SAYM Recorders Junior/Intermediate Jenny Ridley Saturday 10:00 – 10.45 St Edmund’s School